These are some of the blogs and websites we enjoy. Just click on each one to go directly to the site. Be sure to follow the blogs if you enjoy the topics they cover. Check back every now and again. I’m certain we’ll be adding more and more wonderful sites to this page.

For those seeking information on home school protocol in Louisiana, here are the links to the information page and the application page. It took me forever to find them and since Louisiana doesn’t really appreciate home school families that much, the folks in charge weren’t too helpful. I found most of my help through other families who were already teaching their children at home. Since last year or the year before, there’s an option to fill out the application online, but we’re such a rural state. Sometimes the internet is not fast enough or strong enough to allow us to upload the required documentation.

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers is one of Melody’s favorite blogs to read. Fun and frustration and school stuff…you name it, it’s covered.

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus is one of Melody’s absolute favorite places to get unit studies and pre-made organizational worksheets. Tina’s printouts and downloads are beautifully done and the ones you have to pay for are worth every penny.

Hodgepodge is a fantastic blog devoted mostly to encouraging art in the school day. Tricia Hodges promotes working with chalk pastels and often shares free, download-able tutorials any school-age child could have fun with.

The Toymaker is a fantastical site where Melody gets free, download-able paper toys. These are not your average paper-doll type things. We print ours on cardstock and even though our girls are older, they love the colors and styles Marilyn Scott-Waters employs in her art. Marilyn has also written some lovely educational books you may want to check out.

CK-12 is a great online learning resource students and teachers can use to learn sciences, maths, health, and even some language arts. There are textbooks and quiz apps which are easy to use in the classroom. We’re using the Biology, Life Science and Composition books in our 2016-2017 curriculum. For those concerned about the evolution/creationism debate, these books are evolution based.