On Reading

I find many people are too busy to enjoy a book with much depth. I’ve been there and understand the pressure a time crunch can put on a busy mom. I know public schools are trying to use more modern books in the classroom. I understand, too, that kids enjoy reading ‘fun’ books they can relate to. We read a few of those in our classroom. But…

Ah! Classics!

There’s something about a classic that draws you in. The value of reading them lies in the way the authors chose words. I truly enjoyed Around the World In 80 Days by Jules Verne and I’m looking forward to reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice next year. I like reading about times long forgotten and courtesies no longer practiced by the masses. I don’t understand why the Lord Of The Rings trilogy isn’t considered a classic. There are a wealth of things one can learn by reading those three books, not the least of which is the importance of loyalty, honor, and integrity.

Be Picky! Dig Deeper!

When I’m teaching our children, I try to encourage them to dig deeper into whatever we’re reading. I believe we learn from all books so I choose our school materials very carefully. I do what I can to guide my children to do the same when purchasing personal books. I want the worlds we open up within our own minds to point us toward positive thoughts and actions.

As An Author

I work on my book in between my part-time seamstress job and breaks in our home-school schedule. I’m not after fame and fortune. I just want to write my story the correct way and send it out to the public. I want to do my best so readers will enjoy it. I want it to have depth and meaning, not something easily skimmed. I want it to be savored and returned to. I’m willing to work hard to make this dream come true. And rather than using modern authors as role models, I hope to take leaves out of the books of the elders. They are the ones who sparked my love of books in the first place, after all.




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