Remember This Day.

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If you know anything about people of color, it’s this: Sunday is church day. No matter who you are, what job you do, and how much money you have or don’t have, in my neighborhood on Sunday people attend church. Anything outside of that is considered sacrilege.

The blocks that make up my community consist of brownstone houses. There are two grocery stores, one fish market owned by Mr. Martin & son, one liquor store and a laundromat. Also, there are Ms. Handy’s candy store and Ms. Shirley’s beauty parlor.

During the week,  the streets are busy with the usual activities of the number runners going door to door taking bets for  illegal numbers,  mothers  hustling their  children off to school, and men waiting for rides to go to work.

The ice truck arrives every morning just before Mr. Martin receives the fish for his market. Everyone else is busy…

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