Busy School Life!

Get Involved!

What an otherworldly week! We usually help out in our local theater at least once a year, though we missed last season. This year we were asked to help out with a play which would be the entertainment for a local charity group’s annual event. We had almost 4 weeks to work on our lines, but only 6 or 8 days to practice together. There were two songs to learn and only 3 days to practice those. The time flew by so quickly! TheRo was an extra in three of the short skits. TheShi was an actor in two. John was an actor in four. I had one speaking part and one silent acting part. We all sang. It was definitely the toughest stage job I’ve ever done but the ladies we performed for said they enjoyed it immensely. The smiles on their faces were worth all the hardship and forgotten lines and places where I botched my solo.

Why Theater?

When we first moved back to my hometown, we looked for ways to get involved in the community besides being involved in the church. We met up with an old friend of mine who encouraged us to come check out this play he was auditioning for as a possible way for us to get involved in an activity that would be good for the kids. We decided to go…and ended up staying involved in the theater since then. So here are some of the reasons I believe theater to be a good activity for homeschool families.

  1. public speaking – acting roles are great experience for speaking in front  of crowds
  2. confidence – being on stage builds confidence and teaches the importance of enunciation
  3. gets you involved in the community
  4. puts you in touch with people from all walks of life
  5. connections and networking
  6. new friends
  7. helps you see things from different perspectives
  8. …and so much more!

Only Theater?

No! Please don’t stop there! Theater might not be your passion and there are so many ways to get involved in your community.

  1. Community Gardens
  2. Community Art Groups
  3. Local attractions (i.e. museums, special city events)
  4. Volunteer services for charity groups that help those in need

…just to name a few. Don’t hesitate to scour your local newspaper or city website for up and coming events or organizations in need of helpers. There’s always a way to be more involved in your community.

I hope you’ll be inspired to try some new things in your own neighborhood and encourage your children to do the same for their families in the future. Let’s build on some positive influences and share some positive change!


A picture of our cast, taken by our director, Mrs. Jody Powell, who has been working with the Eunice Players Theater for several years.


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