Creating Things

I wasn’t sure what to blog about this week. I thought I’d share our curriculum resource lists but that didn’t seem so fun right now. What I did choose to blog about is definitely fun, though funNY might be more the word I’m looking for.

TheRo loves to create all kinds of things with cardboard and the odds and ends lying around the house. I’ll try to share some photos of those things with you. I’m not sure what I could call this practice… Perhaps “imaginative creative play?”

You’ve heard of pirates and peg legs, I bet. But have you ever heard of a box leg? Please let me know if our youngest is the only one who’s attempted this little feat! John is an avid weather and sky photographer and he’d recently upgraded his tripod. It came in a long thin box. And theRo made good use of that box, to our mutual enjoyment.


TheRo trying out her box leg ~ blurry photo by Melody Kittles

She also made a ‘butt maraca’ which I’d love to share with you but I’m not at all ready to pay for the privilege of loading videos here. She used a shoe box that we’d sealed and painted to make a drum during another school year. This was her case. She added several pennies to the box through one of the holes we’d made in the side for the neck strap. Then she put string back into the holes and tied it around her waist. You have to have lots of energy to make a butt maraca work! 😀

She also decided at one point during the past year to create a glider out of cardboard. This one did fly fairly well. It was her first time creating something this intricate with cardboard and duct tape.


TheRo and her cardboard glider ~ photo by Melody Kittles

Her curiosity and ingenuity continue to amaze us. It also helps the imagination to flower when the source of materials is limited, in my opinion. I would urge parents to encourage and allow their children to use their imaginations more often to make, create and invent. Learning what does not work is still an important part of the process of learning. And when they manage to build something that does work they way they imagined, oh, the bright and shining faces! That’s certainly worth cleaning all the leftover confetti, tape scraps, and glue droplets.

I will make our curriculum list the focus of my next post but I really wanted to get these fun and creative ventures written down as a reminder to me why I home-school in the first place! Have a great day!

Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men…”


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