Welcome To Magniflorious Homeschool Life!

Hi, there! As the homepage states, we are Magniflorious Private Home Academy. Why “magniflorious“? It’s a fabulous made-up word we first heard in a YouTube video posted by Nerd Cubed. On the Urban Dictionary website, it’s defined as “wonderful or magnificent” and it’s stated that the word comes from the TV show “Better Off Ted.”

Now you may be wondering how that word fits our home school. It’s like a goal for me. I want our children to see the joy of learning. It would please me if they finish their home school careers having a great thirst to continue the search for knowledge and understanding throughout the rest of their lives. Learning should be a joy, a wonderful and magnificent adventure.

Who makes up Magniflorious Private Home Academy? I am Melody Kittles, a teacher and administrator of our school. I’ve been teaching my children at home since 2000, when I started working on Pre-K type activities with our son, who is now 20 and starting his first real job as a machinist on Monday. We are very proud of his achievements and abilities!

John & Melody Kittles

John and Melody Kittles – photo by Melody Kittles

My husband, John, at first, helped most often with special projects. When he retired from the US Air Force, he finished up his college with 2 associates degrees in IT, so he couldn’t really help much with school at home. Now he helps by teaching math and some of the history and science lessons for the girls.

TheShi is going to be a Sophomore when we begin our 1st quarter. She’s our oldest daughter and likes to read, sing, play the piano, perform solos and act on the stage. Her favorite subject is science. She’s narrowed down her career focus to architecture, art, and toxicology. And she’s always writing something: a fanfic, a play, a skit, a story… And she has a YouTube channel that she tries to post videos to when our internet signal will allow.

DD1 Kittles

TheShi – photo by Melody Kittles

TheRo is going to be in 6th grade this year. She’s looking forward to her life science class but her favorite subject is math. She loves animals! You might find her picking up frogs, roly-polies, kittens, ladybugs, etc. She’s creative and constantly asking us to do science experiments with her. She’s always coming up with a silly, yet somehow awesome idea like “butt maracas” or “box legs” which usually keep us in stitches.

DD2 Kittles

TheRo – photo by Melody Kittles

We live in the Cajun Country part of Louisiana in the house I grew up in. The land our house is on used to be pasture land but now serves well as a gardening area my dad uses each year. There are so many learning opportunities around us, living as we do in the countryside. While we may miss out on the opportunities a city life offers, I don’t think I’d trade this life too easily for another. Even though we live in Cajun Country, and even though I grew up here, I don’t really feel a connection. But the culture is still interesting and this place is home.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you’ll find many magniflorious things on our blog that keep you coming back for more.


4 thoughts on “Welcome To Magniflorious Homeschool Life!

    • magniflorioushomeschoollife says:

      I would be happy to post about that for you! It’ll take me a little time to get my things together but I’ll do my best to post it this week. Thanks for commenting and for the compliment. As to the hair, and to be honest… Their hair is coppery red but the filter I used deepened the color. Thanks again!

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